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Apex Magazine Podcast

Mar 6, 2018

"We Are New(s)," by Bentley A. Reese -- published in Apex Magazine, issue 106, March 2018.

Read it here:

Bentley A. Reese is a Wisconsin-born writer who has always had a love for Science Fiction. He has been published in many magazines, such as Shimmer, Bourbon Penn, and now (to his complete surprise and utter joy) within the pages of Apex. An alumni of UW-Madison, Bentley is currently one of few genre writers studying at the Iowa Writers' Workshop. He wrote this piece last fall while studying abroad in London and walking the streets of Whitechapel.

This Apex Magazine podcast was produced by KT Bryski. Music in this podcast included "Ice Flow," "Harmful or Fatal," "In a Heartbeat," "Severe Tire Damage," and "The Dread," all by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Visit him at Other sounds in this podcast provided by the Free Sound Project -- find out more at

 Our narrator for this episode is Blythe Haynes. Blythe is a Toronto-based actor and voice talent. Select theatre credits include, "In His Name" (Canadian History Project), "The Killdeer" (Alumnae Theatre), and "Mary's Wedding" (Toronto Fringe Festival). Select podcast credits include "Campfire Radio Theater," "Six Stories, Told at Night," "The Drabblecast," and "Tales from the Archives." With KT Bryski, Blythe is one of the co-founders of Gangway! Theatre Co. She looks forward to returning to the Toronto Fringe in 2018 with a stage adaptation of KT Bryski's "Six Stories, Told at Night."

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