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Apex Magazine Podcast

Dec 1, 2015

“She Gave Her Heart, He Took Her Marrow”—Published in Apex Magazine issue 79, December 2015.

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Sam Fleming’s work has appeared in Black Static, Fish from Dagan Books, and Looking Landwards from NewCon Press. She lives in north-east...

Nov 3, 2015

“Blood on Beacon Hill”—Published in Apex Magazine issue 78, November 2015.

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Russell Nichols is a speculative fiction writer and endangered journalist. He writes about race, class, and other human myths. Raised in Richmond, CA, he now lives on the road,...

Oct 6, 2015

“When the Fall is All That’s Left”—Published in Apex Magazine issue 77, October 2015.

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Arkady Martine is a speculative fiction writer and, as Dr. AnnaLinden Weller, a Byzantine historian. In both roles she writes about border...

Sep 1, 2015

"Six Things We Found During the Autopsy"—Published in Apex Magazine issue 76, September 2015.

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Indian writer Kuzhali Manickavel's short fiction collections are Things We Found During the Autopsy and Insects Are Just like You and Me...

Aug 4, 2015

“Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys: The Elephant’s Tale”—Published in Apex Magazine issue 75, August 2015.

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Damien Angelica Walters’ work has appeared or is forthcoming in various anthologies and magazines, including The...