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Apex Magazine Podcast

Mar 7, 2023

"Over Moonlit Clouds" by Coda Audeguy-Pegon - published in Apex Magazine, issue 136, March 2023.

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Coda Audeguy-Pegon is at eir happiest when exploring the farthest reaches of the imaginary, where the mundane waltzes with the impossible and the only limit is cohesive world-building. Born and raised at the foot of the Alps, Coda emigrated to South Africa in eir late teens. This story was written in Cape Town, where e is grateful to live and work.

Gabe Hicks is a game designer for digital and tabletop. He created the CMM (an alternative character creation tool for D&D 5e focused on class narrative) that has been featured on the D&D twitch channel. He has worked with Paizo, Critical Role, MageHandPress, and Grim & Perilous Studios. Leading a group called Mythic Grove, he focuses on highlighting smaller creators to give them a platform and opportunity through streaming, design, writing, or other creative mediums with the projects that Mythic Grove creates.  Along with designing games, Gabe is a voice actor and a cosplayer.  You can find him on instagram and twitter @gabeJamesGames

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